Get your closet together in four easy steps. Purge, sort, categorize & coordinate.
You have to leave in 10 minutes and still cannot find your favorite shirt. But you NEED it for this date; no other option is as promising. Being within this crunch often leads to stress, frustration, maybe even tardiness. Studies have shown that being organized in the beginning of your day will lead to a peaceful, more efficient day overall. To better yourself, ease your day, and keep up with your clothes, it is safe to say that it’s time to clean.



  • Start Empty: Although it’s a hassle to remove EVERYTHING from your closet, it will be worth it to use this method. If not, you may end up with the same unworn sweater in the back of your closet.
  • Set aside 60 minutes specifically for your closet. If 1 hour is too much, break it into (2) 30-minute closet cleaning sessions.
  • It is said that American people wear under 20% of the clothes in their closets. Don’t be wasteful.
  • Throw away all old and damaged merchandise, you should not be wearing. Your favorite dress shirt may be an amazing print, but if it is ripped, it may be worth replacing.
  • Donate items you don’t wear.



  • After analyzing your wardrobe, sort by main categories such as dress shirts, jeans, and coats. You can go a step further to break down larger categories, such as coats. You can separate formal and casual, or by style blazers, overcoats, and jean jackets.
  • Take items that are opposing to the current season and set them aside for later organization. These out of season items will be stored in the rear of the closet because they don’t need easy access for now.
  • Remove items that don’t belong in the closet.



  • Use ALL available space, but keep it organized. Ensure you don't forget the backs of deep shelves and high-up places.
  • After sorting, you will know what items you have a lot of and wear often. If you wear suits daily for work, it is safe to say you have many dress shirts and many suits. Keep all of your dress shirts in one section, keep all of your suits in one section. Separate these from your weekend t shirts and jeans. Sort by category and put “like” items together.
  • You're more likely to wear something if you can see it. Put often worn items in front, with off-season and occasion merchandise toward the back.



  • You will be able to find what you need with ease when your closet is organized, whether you are rushing out in the morning or going out for the night.
  • You can organize each section by color, light too dark. This will help you easily identify where a specific item is. You now have a key to finding anything in your closet with one simple question: what is the category and color?

Once you've got your closet organized & sorted by category and color, you'll have easy access to what you need whether you're in a rush or not.

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