When working color into an outfit, draw from your surroundings. Here are 3 Earth inspired looks to immediately add to your wardrobe.
Earth Tones
The Oaks - Swatches
The earth tones palette consists of many shades of brown, tan, and green. These rich, timeless, versatile hues are year-round. The tonal looks made up of lighter shades are for warmer weather and darker tones are ideal for cloudier, colder days.
The Stones - Swatches
Monochrome is both trendy and timeless. Its ease has kept it a forerunner within men’s fashion. The palette consists of black, white and shades of grey. Like earth tones, you could go for a tonal approach with all-white and black-on-black. Another option is mixing and matching. No matter the shade, there is no going wrong when staying within this tone group.
The Stones
The Seas
The Oaks - Swatches
This is the easiest and sharpest style secret in the book, tonal blues. Blue is so versatile and makes a great statement within formal and casualwear. Navy is sophisticated and smart in a “James Bond” kind of way. Denim on denim is a great trendy look to pull off, but not always appropriate depending on where you are going. Add a bright accessory to take the whole look to the next level. Try reading our Accessory Essentials to key in on simple styles that could upgrade your outfit.


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