Maximize efficiency: Follow this guide to learn how to pack like a pro!
Packing isn’t the easiest job to begin with… especially when the destination is a formal occasion or business venture. Aside from the longing question of WHAT to pack, there is always the underlying question of HOW exactly you pack these items. Follow our quick guide to pack like a travel pro, minimal wrinkling and maximum space. Remember that our goal here is to pack light meaning bring a few versatile pieces rather than packing per occasion.


Wear a jacket onto the plane with a nice outfit for an extra set of business appropriate clothes without using luggage space.
Success meaning you will have enough variety that you’re not in the same outfit all week. If you’re going longer than two days, a second jacket and a few additional shirts are necessary. One of the shirts should be a more casual style to be worn without the jackets.
For trips, know that black is your friend for the ease of pairing. Adding one pair of black jeans, two black t-shirts to your packed business attire will get you through a long trip. Don’t hesitate to pay for hotel laundry on long trips. This will benefit you when it comes to undergarment packing. You can get by on the 'Five of Each' rule, bringing five pairs of socks, five undershirts, five pairs of underwear, etc.

Overall, packing has two goals: fitting as much as possible and getting it from place to place without damaging any merchandise. Every man has different schooling on proper packing, however, there are some common-sense guidelines for what goes where and how:


  • Fold shirts vertically so they are long and narrow. Roll them loosely to prevent deep creases and create more space.


  • Hold pants upside down by the hem to find natural crease. Fold along this crease then fold in half 3 times from this point.


  • Shoes go on the bottom as your base layer to reduce wrinkling your clothes.
  • Use shoe bags to keep your clothing clean.
  • Fill shoes with accessories like belts, ties, and socks to save space and hold the shoe’s shape.


  • Create a half fold for your jacket (shoulder to shoulder). Reverse one shoulder inside out. Put it over the other shoulder so that the lining is facing outward. Place pant inside jacket and fold over. Pack.

Now you can enjoy the extra time you would spend fighting that creased jacket. Show up to your events dressed to the nines stressed free.

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