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Hollywood Suits: The Best Suit Store for Men

Hollywood Suits: the Best Suit Store for Men For over a quarter of a century Hollywood Suits has been offering the greatest value in men's suits. Hollywood Suits is famous for their signature 3 Suit: 18 Piece Wardrobe Package.

With the purchase of ANY 3 suits you get all accessories for FREE!

With the 3 suit deal you get:

  • 3 dress shirts - select between Modern Fit, Slim Fit and French Cuff from a variety of 24 colors to choose from.
  • 3 pair of dress socks, not just your typical black or taupe, but modern colors and designs as well.
  • 3 ties from a wide selection of color, design, and styles.
  • 3 pocket squares matching the previously selected ties.
  • 3 dress belts - select from reversible, genuine leather, vegan textured leather in black and brown.

Aside from our 3 Suit deal, we carry an array of designer suits, casual wear, and outerwear in all the latest styles and trends at the best prices.

Shop Suits by Style

Hollywood Suits isn't just the place to come for the iconic 3 suit; 18 item packaged deal. They also carry an expansive range of designer suits at prices of up to 60% off department stores. Ranging from world renowned Italian made designer suits to suits for boys.

Modern Fit Suits

The Modern fit is the best choice for the gentlemen who wants something slightly more fashion friendly than the Classic Cut, but with more more room than a Slim Fit.

Slim Fit Suits

The Slim fit has a narrow cut closer to the body, creating a fitted silhouette. Slim Fit jackets tend to have a tighter fit in the arms, waist and chest area. Slim fit pants have a tighter fit in the thigh and waist area in the pants.

Classic Fit Suits

The Classic fit suit is a must-have for a longer and more forgiving wear. The suit has been cut looser throughout. The classic fit suit jacket has a longer hem than those found on other fits and sits subtly on the waist.

Shop Suits by Brand

Armani Suits

For decades, a name of decadence and glamour, the Armani Collezioni brand is available here at Hollywood Suits. Experience subtle detailing, fine craftsmanship, and superior quality indicative of an original Armani Suit. These suits, just as with all suits in our stores, are eligible to become part of the signature 3 suit deal.

DKNY Suits

Known better by its acronym, Donna Karan New York is a brand that gives the mental image of elite, exceptional class and elegance. Our stores pride themselves on giving our customers the best value for their money, so expect to even see suits such as those from DKNY at affordable prices.

Angelo Rossi, Giorgio by Giorgio Cosani, Cosani Suits

For over 20 years, our store's own brands have graced our shelves and racks with their quality and attention to detail. For those who are looking for a bargain, Angelo Rossi suits are of the most affordable that we offer here, where if you want to look at my high-end suits, turn to Giorgio by Giorgio Cosani and the Cosani labels. All these suits are easily tailored to fit, and we always have plenty in stock.

Profile Suits

A name that shows up throughout our stores, Profile by Giorgio Cosani brings to mind not only a slimming suit, but also unrivaled value and quality. Our Profile suits are all slim-fit, so it is important that a gentleman asks our salespeople to help with the fit. Generally these are worn a size or two up, and they fit better on slender framed persons.

Salvatore Lorente Suits

Our own fine Italian brand, Salvatore Lorente shares the quality of the Armani suits at a much more affordable price. Form fitting, well-structured, and bold, these suits are always an eye-catching statement at any function.

Other Brands

Hollywood Suits prides itself on the sheer volume of choices in suit brands we carry. These include, in addition to high-profile names like Armani and DKNY, names like Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Canali, and even our own brands: Angelo Rossi, Giorgio by Giorgio Cosani, Cosani, Profile, and Salvatore Lorente.

Shop Suits by Color

Black Suits

Black is a very versatile color, and this is no less the case with black suits. A simple black suit can easily make a bold statement at either a formal family function or an important interview.

Blue Suits

Blue suits have, for many years, been known as THE color to wear if you want to portray an image of power. From management to the CEO, a well-tailored blue suit will make the difference.

Other Colors

While the traditional blue and black suits are still very much a statement, other colors are quickly becoming the hot new trend. From a slimming grey to a rich burgundy, stand out in these vivid color schemes, which are more easily worn in casual settings, like luncheons and small dinner parties.

Shop Suits by Pattern


Striped suits have long been a symbol of both power and elegance. This simple but striking pattern should be worn in business settings, where power is a plus.


Solid suits (and by extension, tuxedos) are a good way to show off the color of the suit and the way it fits the body. Solid patterned suits are generally worn in formal settings, such as weddings, black tie dinners, and state functions.


There are occasions where a gentleman may forego the usual striped or solid suit in lieu of a more modern design, such as window-paned or multi-line. These patterns go well with lighter colored suits and look appropriate at dinner parties, graduations, and everyday wear.

Shop Suits by Material

Wool Suits

Wool has long been a standard material in suit making, and it remains a favorite for many of our clients. Wool suits can come in a mixture of wool and other materials, but we also have a wide selection of pure woolen suits. This natural, breathable fabric sits well on the body and provides low wrinkling.

Linen Suits

While still structured much like the traditional suit, a linen suit is oftentimes much lighter than their woolen counterparts. Our stores, both physical and online, display a large number of differing textures, mixtures, and colors, ranging from cotton suits to microfibre. Wear these suits on warmer days as linen will breathe much more readily than wool in higher temperatures.

Other Materials

For years, the idea of a polyester suit was met with derision and thoughts of the 1970s. Now, it is given new life with our massive selection of polyester and polyester blends here at Hollywood Suits. Polyester suits are known for retaining color in sunlight, and remaining vibrant even after several years, so feel free to wear these suits every day, rain or shine.

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